Vape Cannabidiol (CBD) without a prescription in all 50 United States.

This Review was created by The Healthy Report to expose the truth behind CBD oil

(Health Review) – If you haven’t already heard, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive component of Cannabis that has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. CBD is naturally occurring in the Hemp plant and according to the United States own government patent #6,630,507 it supports the nutritional health of aging bodies. Cannabanoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Some benefits scientists suggest people are getting from Cannabidiol (CBD)

  • Reduced feelings of anxiety
  • Reversing damage causes by alcohol
  • Anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective, and anti-oxidant

We decided to see what expert medical doctors and product users had to say about Cannabidiol (CBD), and the results were surprising. In fact, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon, a medical professor and an Emmy award-winning chief medical correspondent for CNN concluded “…The science is there. This isn’t anecdotal. We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States.”

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Stress, Your Heart and CBD

We also learned that most scientists agree that decreasing stress levels play a part in battling cancer, heart disease and other stress related illness.

Legal in all 50 StatesA method of treating diseases caused by oxidative stress, comprising administering a therapeutically effective amount of a cannabinoid that has substantially no binding to the NMDA receptor to a subject who has a disease caused by oxidative stress. (reference US Patent 6630507 B1 link below) Wow… that’s a tongue-twister – ALL YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND IS – IT WORKS!!

In November 2012 Tikun Olam, an Israeli medical cannabis facility, announced a new strain of the plant which has only cannabidiol as an active ingredient, and virtually no THC , providing some of the medicinal benefits of cannabis without euphoria (28)(29). The Researchers said the cannabis plant, enriched with CBD, “can be used for treating diseases like rheumatoid arthritis,colitis, liver inflammation, heart disease and diabetes.” Cannabis CBD E-liquid is legally derived from the hemp plant.

Additional, preclinical studies suggest that CBD may have therapeutic benefits in the treatment of various conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, diabetes, PTSD, alcoholism, strokes and cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other ailments.

The Best Part

“It does NOT have a high potential for abuse, and there are very legitimate medical applications.” says Gupta.

Miracle Smoke CBD E-liquid uses proven, natural ingredients that are toxin-free. CBD is 100% natural and does not contain any dangerous or synthetic chemicals or stimulants.

The best part of Cannabis CBD E-liquid is it does not contain THC. The THC is the chemical that gets Marijuana smokers “High.” The fact is that the medicinal value of the plant, comes from the CBD, not the THC.

  • No prescription
  • No THC
  • Not tested in drug screenings
  • Legal in all 50 States
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  1. I felt obligated to come back to this website and post something about my experience. I tried the Miracle Smoke eliquid and it definitely made a difference with my issue I have with nervousness. I was very surprised how quickly it worked. Within 5 minutes I felt a lot more calm and stopped biting my lips. Amazing product.

    • I figure with the bad things going on in the world,it would be nice to have something that worked. I have had 3 surgeries on my neck now. I just received my miracle smoke with the CBD oil,I feel after just a matter of minutes that there will be no need for pills! Which is a plus either way,the product is as it say’s ,And i have smoked plenty of THC in my time,but not to have the effect this has had on me in a matter of minutes.So I would not be afraid to tell all my friends of this product and have them get the same experiences that i have gotten.
      So thank you Miracle Smoke, you have made a firm believer out of me.

      • Thank you so much for the kind words. I will pass them along to the guys at Miracle Smoke!

      • Hi, I would like to hear from users who have condition like Fibromyalgia. Were there pain relief or just neurological relief only. Before I jump just wanted to read more posts about my above question. TIA.

    • I have a chronic pain syndrome and fibromyalgia, severe arthritis and I have been using this product for almost the past month AMD I have seen difference it has helped with my pain.

    • This product has made a great deal of help for my chronic pain and depression, fibromyalgia. I am so glad that I found it.

  2. I’m a customer service rep for Miracle Smoke and I want to share a message I received today.

    Hi Tom, I’m taking the time to thank you for your help when I was still undecided about Miracle Smoke. The product works great and my pain is manageable again. I won’t be needing to use that money back guarantee, I’m happy.

    There are a lot more happy customers.

  3. I have chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD and depression. This would work wonderful for me. Sign me up, I need one of these.

  4. Very happy customer here! Have tried everything for my chronic gastro-intestinal pains and finally I feel some relief. I hated the feeling pain killers gave me, so I opted into trying this product and now I’m a believer. Thank you Miracle Smoke!

  5. This miracle smoke is truly a miracle to me. Over the weekend I twisted my ankle at my nieces house and it turned black and blue and swell like a blimp it was so swollen I could hardly walk. When I got home my miracle smoke was in my mailbox so I opened it up and gave it my first try. Right away I could feel a tremendous relief in my ankle. For some reason the next day my carpal tunnel in my right hand started to act up I was not even able to pick up my coffee cup and I was in a lot of pain. Between my ankle and my hand I was having a pretty tough day of my pain level was about 9 I had five or six puffs of this miracle smoke and with in minutes I was able to walk and I could have a cup of coffee without a tremendous amount of pain the pain level dropped to about two. To me this is an absolute miracle. One of the best parts is I don’t have to worry about getting high.

    I’m so glad that I found miracle smoke it is truly, truly a miracle!

  6. Hello my friends,

    My name is Alice and I’ve had fibromyalgia for 4 years! I’ll try to make as short and sweet. 6 years ago I was in a bad car accident, and had an emergency to repair my vertebra; they did a fusion that was very painful.8 month after I stayed 3 months in a shell who was so heavy believe me, I look like a turtle!!! They had to remove my rods, and during the second operation they opened it all back again. They did not follow up with my progress, Dr. Connor told me to just come back in 6 months and you will feel better. Sure!! I was still in pain but I am positive and keep saying to myself I will be cured in few months. When I went to see him I took the x-ray and my poor spine was crooked, no more standing tall and my shoulder were lowered. I told him and he just told me that is because I had the fusion blah blah blah. They made me do so many ultra sounds and the shaboom.

    I had insomnia since i was 22, I married a very nice man but he was snoring so bad and disturbed my sleep. I stayed with him for almost 8 years because his family were just very loving nice like him. I had to leave i could not take it no more. So now u know i have insomnia and fibro.

    I wrote my story because for the first time in my life I found something safe, relaxes me, and just helps me a lot. Believe me I tried everything, name it I did it and spent lots of money for nothing.

    Now I tell you with all my heart and believe in this product, what a difference after 9 days and for a change, when I get up at 4 am I walk like I’m 85 years old!! Now I walk with much less pain. I never could change some of the decorations. But know I’ve done more in 9 days than in years! I’ve always had a spasm life was no more fun we all work hard to retired and enjoy our life every single people deserve that. Trust me you will not regret it! I talked with Rhiannon she is so sweet. I called them because I want to know much more product was. She gave me for only $19.99 I got a case, 3 extra atomizer tops, 2 batteries a car and wall adapter and another charger!

    For all the people who can relate to my story specially me I was always happy but some days I will go into a depression cry for hours. I felt nobody in the medical profession would help me I can not take it and you should not take it either! It would help for very little time and then what???

    I never did smoke but it is easy because you do not cough or burn is got the taste of melon not like cigarettes discussing!!

    Please guys try it and let me know i hope it will help you!! The only down is I work like i never did because i miss to much time when we pass 50 it goes very fast.

    I hope it changes your life like he did mine pray the lord for it to continue!!

    Love to all the people who suffer we can relate to each others and take my word I just retired from usb from accounting and love to resolve problems. I am still very tired but now I am up and do a lot’s and is good to be tired because I move alot and need to take back my time to enjoy the outdoors. Walk, shop, no more panic because I try to go out every day

    p.s. I have been thin all my life , when they do a swab find out i have this stupid sickness they gave me cymbolta and after Lyrica help i was take 3 times a day no more pain but i gain 45pounds in he two years. I no longer take any medication just aleve once a day

    • Alice,

      We really appreciate your comment. It’s great to see someone who is benefiting from CBD.

    • Hi Alice,

      I can literally relate to how you were feeling prior to the CBD method. I, too, was in a bad car accident in Aug. 2003 which left me in a wheel chair from 2003 to 2009/2010. I had a popped lung, both sides of my ribs broken, Head trama, pelvis shattered and completely gone on the right side hip area, right femur snapped in half, split and severed, died 3 times, life support for 2 1/2 – 3 months and back to tell the life changing story. I am ALWAYS in pain daily. I went through 8 surgeries to correct the problems and nothing has changed since but made life more difficult for me to deal with. The Orthopedic Dr.’s & other specialists said I would never walk again and I was tired of being in a wheel chair so I had my own help (by family) to help me walk again. I continue to be in so much pain yet today that no medicine’s work for me to help my pains. I have been trying to find out what I can do to help me in this level of pain so I can at least get through the day without hurting, sleeping, etc. I feel 75 – 90 yrs old alot of the time and I am only 48 yrs old now. Thanks for sharing your story with us all. Happy Holidays to you and Everyone.

  7. I’ve been using miracle smoke for over a month now, and I’m happy that I do. It helps me! I don’t have the pain in my knees and back, it does what it’s supposed to do. I’m very happy that I got an email about this, I’ve been in pain for a long time, and it really does work.

  8. Miracle Smoke is my way of stress relief along with settling down my stomach. I like this product, it’s soothing while relaxing and its legal. At times after a stressful day at work, before bedtime I find myself smoking a vapor rather than just stressing. I have been using this product for 3 month now and enjoy it. Thank you Miricle Smoke.

  9. Hello. I have a problem of swollen feet. I would like to know if this product can help, if so, where can I get it?

    • Ntombi, just click any one of the links on the page and you can get a discount from the company directly.

    • Linda; You can click any link on our page or call Miracle Smoke customer service at 1-800-764-3914.

  10. Hi Toby here I’m in chronic pain due to a spine and nerve damage and I take methadone for pain medication but it seems not to be working as well does this really help with pain anxiety and depression? Why I ask is because I’m on Social Security disability and I’m on a very fixed incomeand don’t have a lot of money to spend on something if it doesn’t work so if this really works please let me know and I will buy it to try it!? Thank you and wishing everyone a awesome weekend!

    • Toby,
      I know Miracle Smoke gives senior discounts if you are on a fixed income. You might want to contact their customer service at 1-800-764-3914.

  11. although I have not received my shipment yet I would like to say that Rhiannon of customer service gave me the best aid and help in ordering that I could have hoped for it if the product is half as good as the staff I will be very happy I will comment on product upon arrival again a big thanks to Rhiannon

  12. I’ll try anything that may rid me of my back pain and after the trial i will report on the improvement in my back. P.S. I also have PTSD.

    • Wayne Mullins and others. I went through chemotherapy. My drs tried numerous pain and nausea relieving meds. None of them helped. I got a medical marihuana card and grew CBD prominent plants. The CBD was not only good for the pain and nausea but for the anxiety and inability to sleep. I have spoken to a lot of patients with varying degrees of the same symptoms. All of us were amazed at the numerous ailments relieved by CBD edibles or direct use. If I had the availability of oil as they do now with the Vape option it would have made my treatment much simpler. I have no doubt that PTSD can be lessened by CBD. I hope that all of you with health issues find as much relief as I did.
      I’m in recurrence and grateful the oil is here and available, I won’t hesitate to use it for my symptoms.

    • You will not fail a drug test from consuming this product. I have spoken to Miracle Smoke employees directly and they have thousands of customers who have your same concern with no issues.

  13. Hi. I felt obliged to come to this website and post my review of this product,CBD. I have 3 crushed discs in my back, a crushed ankle, and have been on pain medications such as lortab, percocet, and other pain medicines for over 8 years. I have also been on muscle relaxers such as Flexeril and Soma. I tried the starter package from Miracle Smoke and let me tell you, I was blown away. I have used marijuana in the past to help with pain management, but I didn’t like the feeling of paranoia that it gives you. The thing with CBD is that it gives you that calming effect and helps with the pain, without the paranoid feeling. I love it! I will not be using that money back guarantee. In fact, I am now a firm believer in this product, and a very loyal customer from now on. Thanks Miracle Smoke!

  14. I have ms and in ks its not legal and would like to try for insomnia, pain and anxiety.

  15. My sister had MS. Her hands would draw up and she had seizures. When she smoked a few hits from weed it would ease up. This is for sure going to add quality of life to those suffering.

  16. Alice’s story has inspired me 2 look into this. I have issue of cornice pain I wont go into n im on pain meds n other meds n I don’t smoke but this doz sound like a Miracle / Peggy

  17. I Would Like To Try CBD!! Always In Chronic Pain & Have Fibromyalgia Also!! Thank You! Helen Parnell

  18. Well! I just bought the 4+1 extra bottle kit, the battery is included, and purchased the extra chargers for home and car. I had heard about this type of oil from watching the news on TV, although, it was in a different form. Supposedly to be rubbed on a particular part of the body, but the Mother is question, decided to give the oil internally for her ill child, and what ever the child had, there was a lot of improvement. I really hope, and after checking around the Internet for more information, that this product does what they say it will do. I’ve had depression, and terrible anxiety since 1999, and my depression and anxiety worsened upon my Mother’s death last year. I have medical problems, including type 2 diabetes, and as of late, i’ve been experiencing chronic pain in my left arm, which I believe to be an inflammation in the joints due to bursitis. I used to have this type of pain in my right arm when I used to drive a big truck. I pray this product will help me. I’m fed up with having to pay high prices for medications, which I can’t afford. I live on a limited income, and basically, i’m retired. When I receive my order in the mail, I plan on immediately started the product, and, if it works, at least for some of my problems, I will praise this product, and recommend it to family and friends.

    • I hope this helps you in every way possible. You should call and ask about a fixed income discount which I think they have if you get on their monthly subscription. You have to call and ask to sign-up for the subscription, they do not automatically put you on one. its only an option if you ask and choose to be on it.

  19. I have been in pain for over 30 yrs. Due to a car. accident. It was first diagn. As. Deg. Arth. 7 yrs. Ago I fell down the whole flight of stairs all brick & cement @ Salem State u. Since then I have been diag. As having spinal stenosis of my lower back. This also effects my legs $ times. I have been nsproxin/, sulfate for over 20 yrs. If this stuff really works it be worth not being in constant psin. I ‘ve never smoked in my life due to the fact that I also have asthma that I’ve had all my life, as well as epilepsy since my daughter was born 48 1/2 yrs. Ago. But I would be willing to try this especially since the epilepsy was the reason it was discovered to work to begin with. It would be a total miracle to not live in pain every day. However I don’t believe it’s legal in my state!

    • Linda,
      As I stated in a few other posts:
      “This product is made from the industrial hemp plant, not the domestic marijuana plant and therefore not regulated or considered a controlled substance. The current marijuana laws do not apply to this product and it does not contain THC. It is legal in all 50 states.”

  20. I want to know how you make the claim it is legal in all 50 states when there is no information to back that claim, the last I read was that only 11 states have it legal now.

    • Joe,
      This product is made from the industrial hemp plant, not the domestic marijuana plant and therefore not regulated or considered a controlled substance. The current marijuana laws do not apply to this product and it does not contain THC. It is legal in all 50 states.

  21. I’m diagnosed with chronic dysthymia depression and reg. Marajuna brings me up above the fault-line and activates the seeker in me. I need only a hit or two to start each day, and just once a day, the results are accumulative. Don’t know if your product will have the same effect on me.

  22. I don’t see testing done by a lab… What percentage of CBD is it?
    Why don’t you have one that is not flavored?
    It says organic, but I have the feeling that flavoring is not organic.

    • Wondering;
      They have one that has no added flavor. Call customer service directly at the company; 1-800-764-3914 and someone may be able to help you.

  23. I’d like to see if it would work for me I’ve been dealing with pain in my upper back

  24. I would like to know the percentage of CBD oil in the e-liquid solution and what other ingredients it contains please. I am interested in the product but want to be sure of exactly what I am getting. Thank you!!!

    • Lynn,
      They have 2 concentrations of eliquid and they also sell a tincture product that you can put in your food. The first is the 30mg Miracle Smoke Classic eliquid and then they have the 45mg Gold Reserve eliquid. Both have a great taste and come in 6 flavors.
      Then there is the tincture product; 100mg 2-oz bottle and a 500mg 2-oz bottle. Its best to contact customer service at 1-800-764-3914 and see whats best for you. We have so many people interested in this product, its amazing.

      Our website is solely for reporting on healthy topics and with all the latest press, CBD seems to be a huge topic right now.

  25. To Alice, Taking Aleve regularly is very bad for your kidneys.My nephrologist attributed taking Aleve daily added to my kidney failure

    • Cindi,
      We do not sell the product. We only report on health and wellness-related news. But we do have links on the page that take you to the company that does sell it.
      (Full disclosure: we do get a percentage from anyone who clicks through our links on this page but those links get you a discount so it actually cost you less if you use our links to buy the product.) I hope you enjoy the product. Good luck!

  26. I had a bad injury 20 yrs ago , I have had many surgeries , many of them not getting any relief , I get Bad headaches , like someone hit me up side the head, Lose my sight., blance more times than not I throw up . the pain has lasted up 10 weeks. I have found smoking pot has helped , but have been dropped my my doctor when I tested postive for pot.
    I get treated like Im just drug seeking, when most of the drugs they put me on DO NOTHING, other than making a B… really I get mean and am still in pain. I look forward to trying your product. I hope it helps
    Thank you.

  27. i have a 4yrs now head injury that this looks like what might treat me well.

  28. I love this product. In 3 weeks it has helped my fibromyalgia, migraines, energy, dementia, my skin tone, talking (i no longer slur) and most of all NO MORE SEIZURES. Praise God. …

    • Joe,
      The company Miracle Smoke also has a tincture product that you can add to your food or place drops in your cereal. Its amazing. Contact their customer service directly to order it. We do not have a promotional link for that product. Call them at 1-800-764-3914

  29. I would love to try this, I suffer with Fibromyalagia since 200l along with many other things would prefer doing this to taking all the medications that I have to take….

    • Billie,
      Customer service for the Miracle Smoke company is great. And although we do receive compensation for sales that take place through this page, we recommend calling customer service directly to solve any issues you may have. They are VERY helpful. 800-764-3914

    • Good question: I didn’t know the answer myself but after contacting “Ree” at Miracle Smokes’ customer service line, she said one 10ml bottle of the eliquid will last you just over 7-10 days if you smoke it a lot. (good to know!)

  30. upon finding the miracle smoke website I was highly skeptical. I called there business and spoke with Andrea, the customer service manager. She not only assured me that there product was legit, legal, and portent. She gave me the best customer service to date. As an EMT my options for legal herbal recovery is limited, as with anyone in the medical field as is on some form of state/federal registry. a medical marijuana card was not an option for me. back to there product. i received the ejuice bottle quicker than expected. From the time of first inhail to the first 5-10min i immediately felt my anxiety slip away. my body felt relaxed and i could think clearly for the first time in years. the best part was there was no high. i was total in control of my higher brain functions and body movement. I can safely say miracle smoke lives up to its name. Andrea. if you see this, thank you sooo very much. you have changed my life. good karma is coming your way ^^

  31. Please my husband has such chronic pain due to a faulty hip implant I would think this would help

  32. I just received my very first order. I suffer from PTSD and back issues related to being in the military. I was skeptical but can honestly say this product is a true miracle! Special thanks to “MJ”, the sales associate for helping me with all my needs!! I am going to recommend this to LOTS of clients and family members and friends! Blessings

  33. Thank you MiracleSmoke! My Husband and I love your product! Although you don’t get stoned on the product, you definitely get a nice mellow feeling when smoking it. I suffer from anxiety and it helped me right away. My husband is the Grinch, LOL, and suffers from great pain. It brought a big smile to his face when he used it for the first time last night, so we are very happy customers. We will definitely be back for more! Thank you so much!

    • We asked the guys at Miracle Smoke this same question when we first did the interview. You will definitely not fail a drug test if they are testing for THC since there is no detectable amount of THC in the product. This has been tested and proven by thousands of existing customers who currently get tested monthly for various reasons.

  34. IS it legal in Alabama???IT helps my body all over.I’ve had over40 surgeries & am in alot of pain,When I smoke pot it helps so much with the pain……

    • It is 100% legal in Alabama. Its made from legally imported industrial hemp extract, not domestic marijuana.

  35. what is the overall cost of this product. where do I get it and is it in a cig form that you smoke.

    • Hi. I contacted my guy at Miracle Smoke. They said you can go to directly or click one of our links on this page and you can get a discount. To further answer; YES it is in a vapor e-cig that you smoke. A great alternative to traditional cigarettes.

  36. Please send me the information On how I may buy and receive this product !!!!. I know this really works from other people that have and are useing it now.
    Thank You,
    John Parsons

    • John,
      Just click one of our links on this page and receive a discount on

  37. I have cronic back pain and this helps me greatly with out the pharma meds the doctors are limiting for pain patients. I love the idea it does not have the thc that is in regular marijuana. I am a customer for ever. thanks andrea you are the greatest customer service I have ever encountered.

    • Hope the info helped you. We agree that Miracle Smoke is a fantastic product.

  38. After reading previous post’s, and seeing people with the same or similar medical issues as I do, I will be ordering my kit at the beginning of the month. Can you buy 1 bottle of the oil and still get the kit for free or do you have to buy the 4 bottle plus 1 free to get the free kit?

  39. How can I get myself a bottle. I have back pains from a car accident many many many year ago. Off and on knee pains and also very stress. Need some then taking pills every time.

  40. I have pain every day all day long and don’t like the way pills make me feel. Would like to try your way.

  41. I ordered this product a month ago and found that it does indeed work. I suffer from chronic pain and anxiety and while not taking it away it has cut it by half.

  42. This DOES tend to prove that the key issue is that marijuana causes one to get high. One must wonder “why is that, when a large proportion of prohibitionists use alcohol, a drug which causes a much more debilitating high. What is the problem, that marijuana doesn’t get users high enough?

  43. I’ve used it on several of moles, about the size of a dime, and there almost gone. I apply the oil on a large bandage. Let stay for 2 days wash and repeat. In 2 months what a difference. Mother nature at here best.

  44. I cant wait to get this I was in a wreck in 2000 broke my neck I now have chronic pain in my neck my back..i was in a coma for 3 month I have a lot of anxiety

  45. Hi there!This post could not be written aany better!
    Reading through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!

    He constantly kept talking about this. I will send this article to him.
    Pretty sure he’ll have a very good read. Thank you for sharing!

  46. I am disabled and I do Vape instead of smoking and I’ve read up on CBD oil and it would really help to keep from taking all these meds the Drs have me on for my back pain, UC,IBS, anxiety and sleep but living on a fixed income I can’t afford to buy it!

  47. From what I have researched, the use of Hemp oil as a healing treatment, has a final composite of THC/CBC oil that has many uses to combat as well as cure many diseases and has been kept secret from the public for many years. Farmers have grown hemp in their fields for many years to produce rope which was needed by the government. However over a period of time it became illegal for them to grow any longer because the government found that it can cure many diseases. From that point on they decided to rename the plant as Marijuana for which they made up lies about it being harmful to humans and they found a way patent this new oil that you speak of ,when if all began with the FREE GROWING PLANT WHICH WAS CALLED HEMP!! More research is needed as to the effects of the mixture of CBD/THC values by someone who is NOT connected with the government in any way!! This is what we need to help cure diseases like cancer, diabetes, MS,as well high blood pressure, and heart problems, also other issues that are life threatening by nature. I have seen the original hemp oil and it this sample which people are buying is simply watered down and contains only CBD. The THC taken is low doses at first will allow patients to have the urge to sleep so that the medication will work as we all know that the body heals best when it as rest. The true hemp oil is produced by the hemp plant which grows on this land for ALL to use and there should be no use to charge for any of it’s byproducts as it is for the better of mankind that we all use this as a maintenance dosage for well being.

  48. I am interested in trying this product for my anxiety but get frequent drug screenings through my employer, I was wondering what trace amounts of THC this product may contain. I am an avid vaper and being able to inhale fast acting anxiety relief would be, well, a relief

  49. This is wonderful because I suffer with Systemic Lupus, Fibromylgia, & RA I have constant cronic pain Where do I go and how do I go about qualify for some?

  50. Chronic back pain , due to roto-scoliosis an severe neck an leg pain ! Hoping to rid all an have a normal life ! Hope there is something out there that can help !

  51. I’d like to try this I have something between lupus rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis degenerating disc pelvic and lower back on and on my rhumotologist calls it connective tissue disorder because blood work is negative for any of the ordinary diseases even though I show all symptoms please tell me how to get this product

  52. Is it possible to take orally? I don’t smoke and would take mixed with youghurt.

  53. I want to try this..I’m on disability with heavy periods,stress,panic attacks, pain….

  54. After reading this I am hopeful that the product will help in my chronic pain. Ordered. ..hope it will be here sooner than later.

  55. I would love to get some of this with all mu pains in my back and arthritis knee pains and osteoarthritis in my hips it just might help me not to take all the pills that i do so please let me know how much it will be and where it can be purchased sincerely Joan Andrews

  56. i would be more interested in the tincture.
    Would love to get my mom to try this product.
    Where do I find a price ?

  57. Do you offer something like a cream or gel that can be rubbed into the joints. I have RA and would love to be pain free but I don’t smoke and would not want to.

  58. I have recently heard that marijuana helps symptoms of menapause. Specifically hot flashes. Is there any indication that CBD will eliminate hot flashes?

  59. like Angie I too wish I could afford it. I have Arthritis, Chronic Depression, Anxiety/Panic Disorder, SAD n PTSD, but my Social Security Check doesn’t even cover my bills. Keep up the good work.

    • The company has all sorts of discounts for seniors, veterans, military, AARP and many more. Call customer service at 800-764-3914 and ask about them.

  60. I have several serious health issues. IPF, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis makes me need oxygen 24/7. Smoking ANYTHING at this point is forbidden. Is there another way to use this besides inhaling it.? I need pain relief for my sciatica.

  61. I have MS, RA, fibermyalgai, type 2 diabetes miracle smoke works it even makes you breathe better. I give it a 5 star rating

  62. I wish people could seperate the medical users from the recreational users when they are voting. I have family members who have severe medical problems, who are now getting a chance at a full life due to this God given medicine. I have ostio arthritis , high blood pressure , diabetes, mini strokes, and severe anxiety- depression I will be asking my Doctor if its OK to try this wonderful breakthrough because I’m tired of the constant pain and the side affects of the medicines I’m taking.

  63. I started using CBD. I can say my chronic back pain from arthritis and my gastrointestinal pain was eased to a very dull ache within minutes. My question is my brother has never smoked and doesn’t want to vape. Your picture is misleading because it shows the oral syringe. I am interested in finding out if the oral type is legal and where it is available. Can you take the vape oil orally?

    • The Miracle Smoke company does have a tincture that is taken orally. It has a higher concentration of CBD in it because you need to have a higher concentration if you are ingesting it through your stomach. You can contact them at to find out more or call their customer service number at 800-764-3914.

  64. I’ve had constant, overwhelming neurological pain and anxiety for three years that medications have not relieved. I’ve used your product for a month and am making progress and improving greatly! Thank you very much for getting this product on the market.

  65. I am worried about the fact this product needs to be smoked. Isn’t this damaging to the lungs?

    • If you don’t like smoking, you can try the tincture. Its topical and you can put it in food. Call the company and ask them about the tincture. 800-764-3914

  66. i have not tried this product yet but I would like to try the topical cream. Where can I get this product!
    Thank you
    Marie Rosa

    • DeeDee,
      Yes there is a tincture product that they have. Just call customer service at 800-764-3914. Tell them you seen it here.

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