CBD Shows Results In The Treatment Of Breast Cancer

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untitled-design-5Cancer is one of the most life devastating diseases of our time. It tears families apart and makes the sufferers quality of life unbearable. As if this was not bad enough, cancer can affect any type of person at any stage of their life. Sometimes people are aware they are more likely to be a candidate for the disease, while others are completely blindsided.

To break cancer down into the most simple terms, this is when the body loses control over the growth of abnormal cells. Old cells do not die. The continued growth of abnormal cells can cause a mass of tissue known as a tumor. There are many types of cancer, but all can be very aggressive and life threatening when not treated immediately. However, breast cancer is one of the most common and severe types of cancer, typically in women, but present in some men, and finding a treatment of breast cancer has been a struggle for all.

Breast Cancer is cancer that forms in the cells of breasts. It is one of the most common forms of cancer, affecting around one out of every eight women. Milk producing ducts and glands are the most common places to develop breast cancer. However, breast cancer has also been known to develop in the fatty tissue or lymph nodes surrounding the breasts.

Research is being funded by the federal government to find a natural and safe treatment of breast cancer. The most promising of all the research is being done on the use of Cannabidiol, or CBD, as an anti-breast cancer drug.

CBD is a major non-psychotomimetic compound of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It provides many benefits similar to that of Cannabis, but contains no THC. Therefore, CBD is completely legal in all 50 states. CBD has been shown to carry neuroprotective and neurogenic effects as well as anxiolytic effects in humans and animals. CBD is currently being used to treat many mental and autoimmune disorders and the current use of CBD as an anti-cancer drug has been shown to be extremely promising. Currently, CBD is being used in cancer patients to treat palliate wasting, emesis and pain. However, significant advancement in research has shown the compound to target and kill cancer cells.



A study done in 2006 by Ligresti, showed that women who received liquid CBD at a potency of 70 percent showed a significant decrease in breast tumor cell lines. This study displayed that CBD interfered with proliferation of breast cancer cell progression. Further research also showed that CBD worked the best out of all other cannabinoids in interfering with invasion and metastasization of cancer cell progression. Therefore, CBD regulated the workings of the most important genes involved in the control of cell proliferation and invasion. This can be seen in CBD’s effectiveness in reducing the aggressiveness of tumors and their size. Four years later, the same group was tested on again proving that CBD had a direct affect of breast cancer cell death. For more on the updates of this study, look here.


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Further research is being done of the effects CBD has on specific types of cancer and other medical illnesses alike. So far, the results have been immensely impressive, foreshadowing the likelihood that CBD will be used above other forms of treatment for many disorders and illnesses in the future.