CBD Treatment For Chemotherapy Pain


Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases of our time. It tears families apart and makes the sufferers quality of life unbearable. Cancer can affect any type of person at any stage of their life. Sometimes, people are aware they are more likely to be a candidate for the disease. Likewise, others are completely blindsided. The most common forms of therapy are extremely toxic and hard on the human body. These include:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation Therapy

However, research is being funded by the federal government to find a natural and safe treatment option for the pain associated with chemotherapy. Therefore, the most promising of all the research is being done on CBD treatment for chemotherapy pain.

What is CBD?

untitled-designCannabidiol, or CBD, is a major non-psychotomimetic compound of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It provides many benefits similar to that of Cannabis, but contains no THC. Therefore, CBD is completely legal in all 50 states. CBD carries neuroprotective and neurogenic effects. It also displays anxiolytic effects in humans and animals. CBD is currently being used to treat many mental and autoimmune disorders. The current use of CBD as an anti-cancer drug has been shown to be extremely promising. Currently, CBD is being used in cancer patients to treat palliate wasting, emesis and pain. However, significant advancement in research has shown CBD treatment for chemotherapy pain to be extremely beneficial.


In a federal funded study, which can be read more about here, this CBD treatment for chemotherapy pain, was tested. Scientists at the Temple University in Philadelphia tested mice who received paclitaxel. Paclitaxel is a chemotherapy drug and it is largely responsible for the pain associated with chemotherapy.

The mice were separated evenly into two groups. One of the groups received liquid CBD but the other did not. Two pain tests were performed on all of the mice. The first test injected acetone into the paws of the mice. This displays an alarming cold sensation. Likewise, it is very uncomfortable to anyone. The second test was a prodding test. Each of the mice were prodded on the paws and with a deeper amount of pressure. The test was to see how long it would take before the mouse pulled its paw away.

The results of these two tests were alarming. The mice who had received CBD, barely reacted to any of the pain tests. Likewise, they had what would be considered as a “normal” response any regular mouse would have. The group that did not receive CBD, reacted extremely viciously and were visibly in pain. In conclusion, it was obvious that the mice treated with CBD were extremely tolerant to pain. Also, it was clear that this could be an effective way to treat chemotherapy pain naturally.


If you or a loved one are interested in trying CBD treatment for chemotherapy pain, we have a great place for you to start your search into the very products used in this research. CBD is offered in:

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There are many options so you can find what is most comfortable for you. Likewise, each option contains CBD of different strengths and for different concerns. Therefore, if you are interested in treating cancer with CBD, we hope you take the time to look through these links and find an option that works best for you.