CBD Use For Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson’s disease is a progressive movement disease. This horrible disease affects around one million people in the United States. The current cause is unknown. However, vital nerve cell death in the brain, associated with dopamine, leads to the disease. This cell death causes loss of control over movements and aggressive tremors. The current treatment for this disease is heavy pharmaceuticals. These have been shown to improve the patients but are not healthy to take long-term. Therefore, many are looking for a more safe and natural solution. That is why doctors and patients are learning about CBD use for Parkinson’s disease. Before we get into these facts, we will first go over what CBD is and what all the hype is about.

What is CBD?

cbd-oilCannabidiol, or, CBD, is a major non-psychotomimetic compound of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It provides many benefits similar to that of Cannabis, but contains no THC. Therefore, it is completely legal in all 50 states. CBD carries neuroprotective and neurogenic effects. It also displays anxiolytic, or relaxing, effects in humans and animals. It is currently used to treat many mental and autoimmune disorders. Likewise, the current use as an anti-cancer drug is shown to be extremely promising in many federal funded research studies. However, the most thought-provoking research has been done on CBD use for Parkinson’s disease.


In a federal funded research study posted in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, CBD use for Parkinson’s disease was evaluated. Exactly 42 patients were involved in the study. The study was performed as a double-blind study. That means, 21 patients received CBD, while the other 21 patients received a placebo. Neither group knew which received what. The group that was given CBD was given 300mgs a day for eight weeks. The results were absolutely amazing.

The group who received the placebo reported no changes. However, the group who received CBD reported immense changes. All 21 patients had an extraordinary increase in their quality of life and ability to function during the day. Although tremors were still present, they were reduced. Many reported their tremors to be around 50% less severe than before they started CBD treatment. They also reported a much more elevated-mood and desire to do things their disease held them back from before.


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