Not Alone: 5 MORE Celebrities With Anxiety

celebrity Anxiety

not-alone-celebAccording to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million adults struggle with anxiety in United States Alone. This number continues to increase daily and has no limitations on who it chooses to affect. Celebrities may appear to have it all together on the outside, but many secretly deal with this painful struggle every day.

Caitlyn Jenner – Formerly known as Bruce Jenner, the Olympic athlete, recently changed her sex and has been dealing with anxiety leading up to her transformation that continues to this day. She has always felt anxiety knowing in her heart she was a woman but being in a very public relationship as a man married to Kris Jenner. Going public with her change kept her up many nights anxious to how the public and her family would perceive her. After her surgery, she still suffers from panic attacks frequently when looking into mirrors and seeing someone else looking back. She is working on her anxiety every day and coping with her changes more and more as time goes on.

Taylor Swift – Even Hollywood’s sweetheart has anxiety. Swift has always suffered from OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, from a young age. However, her anxiety disorder really came into her life after being involved in two car accidents. Aside from car accidents leaving victims anxious or mentally wounded on their own, her very public career and love life make it very hard for her to cope with this. She claims to feel like she is being watched under a microscope and everyone is just waiting for her to mess up or make a mistake. This greatly controls her life and how she handles herself in a negative way. She also claims her anxiety even affects her in her sleep, causing night terrors of things going disastrously in her life.

“There are times when I’m caught up in everything and I have to say to myself, please feel good; please feel better; everything’s okay; you’re fine; things aren’t falling apart; take a second; get back to a place where you realize that you don’t actually have real problems.”

Emma Stone – The hilarious comedian has quietly suffered with anxiety since she was 8 years old. She felt very out of place in school and could not make any friends because her anxiety kept her from interacting with other kids. She felt out of control of her surroundings and even made a power point presentation trying to convince her parents to let her drop out of school. Comedy has been a great coping method for Stone’s anxiety. Being able to laugh at herself and her disorder has proven to be very therapeutic.

Michael Jackson – The late Jackson struggled with anxiety all of his life. From being thrust into the spotlight at such an early age, having an abusive family, and dealing with the pressure of his peers and fans, Jackson’s anxiety does not need much explanation. His doctor even admitted Jackson was taking up to 30 anxiety medications daily. His family blames his disorder for the many drastic changes and erratic behavior Jackson has displayed throughout his life.

“I’m never pleased with anything. I’m a perfectionist, it’s part of who I am”

Beyoncé – The singer claims to suffer from anxiety that is induced during stressful times in her life. When she is on tour, she claims to feel so fuzzy and that she will not even know if she ate, slept, or what day it is. Her mind is constantly racing and she admits even when she tries to relax, all she can think about is her next performance. It has made it very hard for her to enjoy her accomplishments, success, and time with friends and family. Her mother claims to keep well track of when Beyoncé is going through periods like this in her life and forces her to take a couple weeks off to get back to her normal self.

As seen through these celebrities’ battles with anxiety, the disorder must be taken seriously. As the disorder is coming more into the spotlight, increasing amounts of people are coming forward to share their stories of courage and strength dealing with this struggle in their personal lives. Therefore, if you suffer from this detrimental disorder, do not be fooled into thinking you are alone. There are numerous resources, medical treatments, and people alike who are more than willing to help. You are not alone in dealing with anxiety.