Overcome Test Taking Anxiety

CBD Anxiety Treatment

first-testTaking a test is something that can cause even the calmest of people to feel anxious. Whether it be the fear of doing poorly or blanking out, each person has their own reason for why they may feel this way. However, some with extreme test anxiety actually allow their anxiety to negatively affect the result of their test. Therefore, their test no longer displays their intelligence but displays their anxiety which is devastating to many who take the time to prepare for such an important event. If you are someone who gets nervous before or during a test, which negatively affects your performance, there are many steps you can take to quiet your anxiety.

While you study…while-study

  • Do not procrastinate. Give yourself plenty of time beforehand to review the material and be able to answer any questions you may have before the test.
  • If you have a study guide, plan out times to do and study certain aspects. Spend more time on things you are unfamiliar with and less time on things you know.
  • Review the material often for short amounts of time, days before the test, to build familiarity with the material.
  • Set aside a longer amount of time, a day or two before the test, to really commit the information to memory.
  • Wake up early the day of and look over the material briefly, but do not overwhelm yourself.

The day of…day-of

  • Make sure to get a good nights sleep and wake up early to allow yourself enough time to look over the material and be on time to the test.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast and avoid caffeine. Having good food in your body helps your brain power and stabilizes the vital organs in the body. Avoid sugar and caffeine because it can increase heart rate and blood pressure, leading you to feel more physically anxious and jittery.
  • Try doing a short workout that morning to get your blood pumping and help you feel naturally energized and more positive. Working out releases endorphins in your body that help you feel more positive throughout the day.
  • Arrive to the test early. That way, you can pick a seat you feel most comfortable, look over your notes one last time, and you won’t have to deal with more anxiety related to being late.

During The Testduring-test

  • When you first receive your test, look over the directions more than once.
  • Prioritize your time accordingly…

-Do the parts you feel you may forget, first.

-Next, move onto the parts you know for sure.

-Lastly, do your best to answer the questions you aren’t so sure about.

  • If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed…

-take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.

-Remind yourself this is only one test and not a life or death situation.

-Know that this test does not reflect your true intelligence

-Think about a reward for completing the test

It is perfectly normal to be anxious for a big test. However, if you know your anxiety affects your performance, try these tips before your next big test. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.