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Research has shown the most common way to treat a generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, is through therapy. The most common form of therapy used on these types of patients is cognitive behavioral therapy, or better known as CBT therapy. This form of therapy is where the therapist and the patient agree the patient has negative thoughts or behaviors...
Anxiety is a disorder that affects more people than any mental health disorder in the United States. Although this may seem shocking and scary, a lot of research is being done to help treat this disorder. There are many hardcore methods such as prescriptions and doctor visits. However, there are natural and lifestyle-changing methods that can have almost the...
This Review was created to expose the truth behind CBD oil   This video is not an endorsement by CNN, Business Insider or Sanja Gupta. Dr. Sanja Gupta, is a leading neurosurgeon and contributor for CNN and has studied the benefits of CBD on the body for many years. Dr. Zubkin who appears in this video, is a well known board certified...



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