Study Shows CBD Can Stop The Symptoms Of PTSD


.Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is one of the most extreme anxiety related disorders that stems from being involved in a traumatic or disturbing event. According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, around 8 million adults have PTSD during any given year. PTSD manifests itself very similarly as a panic attack that rarely stops.  Seeing objects, hearing loud or specific noises, or even certain scents can trigger a flashback or even a full attack causing the sufferer to often momentarily lose all sense of reality or rationality. Events like these can be physically dangerous for the sufferer and those around them alike. Pharmaceutical companies treat this disorder with prescription pills that are not sustainable for a life-long mental illness. Therefore many are turning to a more safe, natural solution and this study can shown how CBD can stop the symptoms of PTSD.

untitled-designCannabidiol, or CBD, is a major non-psychotomimetic compound of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It provides many benefits similar to that of Cannabis, but contains no THC. Therefore, CBD is completely legal in all 50 states and delivers no psychoactive effects. CBD has been shown to carry neuroprotective and neurogenic effects as well as anxiolytic effects in humans and animals. CBD is currently being used to treat many mental and autoimmune disorders and is currently being tested for its anti-cancer properties. However, the most thought provoking and research-based facts have been shown in the treatment of PTSD.


In a federal funded, which can be read more about here, 40 fear-conditioned rats were subjected to a test to see the effects of CBD on the disruption of their fear memory. Each rat was exposed to three different cages, very distinct in their appearance, with the ability to administer an electric foot shock to the rats. Each rat was subjected to these cages for three minutes each. The first few times, no electrical shock was administered and the rats were simply becoming familiar with the cage. Eventually three foot shocks were given to each rat during the duration of the three minute subjection. Each rat became “frozen” for around 15 to 20 seconds after the shock, a common fear response for small mammals. The next time the rats were brought into the cages, they immediately froze before any electrical shock was given, proving the fear conditioning had been successful.

To study if CBD can stop the symptoms of PTSD, 20 of the 40 rats were administered 10mgs of liquid CBD. The 20 who had not been given the CBD, reacted in the same fear-conditioned response to the cages. The 20 rats who had been given the 10mgs of liquid cbd showed a remarkable difference. After entry into the cages, each rat roamed the cage as they did the first time being in the cages. This response was completely different than the “frozen” response they had before. Likewise, after every administered foot shock, these 20 rats froze for a considerably shorter amount of time, usually between three to five seconds. This new response was equally effective every time the liquid CBD was administered.


This study greatly proves that the administration of CBD can stop the symptoms of PTSD. Many humans are currently using CBD to treat their PTSD. Therefore, this could be a great treatment option for everyone. However, if you are interested in trying CBD to treat PTSD, we have a great place for you to start your search into the very products used in this research. CBD is offered in:

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